Secaucus Device Protection Terms and Conditions


Secaucus Device Protection Terms and Conditions

I hereby acknowledge that the Chromebook issued by the District is for the sole purpose of enhancing my child’s educational experience, and that to receive this District-owned device I must purchase this protection.

My child will use this device in accordance with the District Policies and Guidelines:

Acceptable Use of Networks / Computers

School District Provided Technology Devices to Pupils

SBOE 1-to-1 Chromebook Guidelines

I also acknowledge the District’s Anti-Big Brother Act Notification, and will discuss it with my child.


In order to minimize the possible financial impact on myself from accidental loss or damage to the device, by clicking Accept, I fully accept the District’s offer to partially waive my financial responsibility for a future loss, subject to the terms and deductibles as outlined on the Enrollment page, and Learn More page accessible from this site, and payment of the damage waiver fee.

I understand that the first claim will have a $25 deductible, the second claim will have a $50 deductible and further claims will require payment of the full cost of the repair, not to exceed the value of the device. This payment may be paid online or in-person at your school.
I understand there are certain conditions not covered by this damage waiver which include: 1) any careless, dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal acts, 2) any loss to software, data, documents, music, videos, recordings or other personal information that I have placed on the device, 3) additional loss caused by the failure to use all reasonable means to protect the device, 4) any use not in accordance with District Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines. 5) and Loss caused by theft (not reported to the Police and the District within 24 hours) or mysterious disappearance.

I am responsible for all deductible payments covered under this policy.
I understand the District reserves the right to revoke any and all of my privileges under this program should there be evidence of careless or destructive behavior on my part.


I understand that if my child is not enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch program, I will be responsible for full payment toward the insurance premium and will be invoiced for payment after registration.